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Why Gluten-Free?
Celiac Disease
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Make Shopping, Cooking and Staying Gluten Free Easy.  Use our Meal Plan Generator to provide you with your grocery shopping lists and weekly meal plans.
Customize the Automatic Meal Plan However You Want!
Our meal plan generator gives you a different starting meal plan every time.  But if you want to change it, that's no problem!  Just "x" out the recipes you don't want, and drag new ones in.  You can have as many or as few meals in the week as you want. 
No More Guesswork about Going Gluten Free
Gluten can hide in many unsuspecting things.  Our meals and shopping lists take the guesswork out of which ingredients are ok and which are not.  Our shopping lists tell you exactly what to buy and our meal plans tell you exactly how to make it. 
Eat the Foods you Already Know and Love (only gluten free)
Our meal plans and recipes focus on providing a healthy, well-rounded diet that includes gluten free versions of the foods you thought you might have to give up (like pizza and cake!).
Made for Busy Lifestyles
If you work or have kids, you already know how hard it is to eat right.  Our meal plans don't make you cook a full meal three times a day, seven days a week.  That's just unrealistic.  They are a full meal system that considers which day of the week it is, what leftovers you have, and the complexity of the recipes.  During the busy week, you need quick and easy (but delicious and healthy) meals.  Sometimes the answer for lunch is leftovers from last night's dinner and on the slower days, you have a little extra time to cook additional food that you can use later during the week.  Our automatic meal plans utilize left-overs for lunch during the weekdays because a lot of people work.  Of course, you can change the meal plan to not use left-overs, or you can use left-overs for other meals too.  It's as easy as drag and drop!
Enjoy some Variety
Our meal plans pull from the many gluten free recipes we've collected and created, providing a large pool for rotation.  The meal rotations ensure that you're never getting tired of what's for dinner, but also consider the spices and ingredients you may already have.  And if you don't like the meal plan that comes up, feel free to customize it for yourself!
Stay Healthy
Not only are our recipes gluten free, but they are also healthy in general.  The meals are home-cooked with very little processed ingredients.  This means they are low sodium, low fat and well-rounded.  They provide a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber in the form of natural ingredients. 
"It's the easy way to go gluten free!
Save time.  You shouldn't have to worry about the what, when and how."
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The shopping list is number coded to the individual meals so you know which ingredients are for which recipe.
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Meal Plans
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Once you have the meal plan the way you like it, a meal plan with links to the recipes, and a grocery shopping list will be sent to your inbox.  Just grab the list and hit the store.  You don't even have to print it.  You can pull it up on your phone if you want.
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