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Why Gluten-Free?
Celiac Disease
Avoiding Gluten in your Diet

A gluten free diet may seem simple at first, considering that gluten only originates from a few different sources, namely the grains wheat, barley and rye.  However, it is the proliferation of these grains into many different forms in many different foods that makes it so tough.  It can be very difficult to stick to a gluten free diet because it is very easy to accidentally eat something that you may not have realized contained gluten.  Here are some of the foods that you will need to avoid to maintain a gluten free diet. 

The Obvious:

·     Wheat
·     Barley
·     Rye 

Any food that directly contain any one of these three is not gluten free.  Also, don’t forget triticale, as it is a cross between wheat and rye. 

The Usual Suspects:

There are several foods that are usually made with wheat and should not be eaten unless specifically labeled “gluten free”.    Usually, gluten free substitutes can be found in the store or made at home. 

·    Bagels
·    Biscuits
·    Breads
·    Cakes
·    Cookies
·    Couscous
·    Crackers
·    Crispbreads
·    Croutons
·    Dumplings
·    Gravies
·    Malt
·    Malt Flavoring
·    Malt Vinegar
·    Muffins
·    Pancakes
·    Pastas
·    Pastry
·    Pies
·    Pizza
·    Pretzels
·    Shortbread
·    Stuffings
·    Tortillas (flour)
·    Waffles
·    White Flour

The Surprises:

Gluten seems to find its way into a lot of foods that you wouldn’t normally associate with wheat, barley or rye at all.  That’s because it’s used in a lot of minor ingredients.  This is what makes eating such a minefield for those with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergy.  These items should also be avoided unless specifically labeled “gluten free”. 

·    Baked Beans
·    Batter
·    Beer
·    Blue Cheese
·    Bouillon Cubes
·    Bran
·    Breadcrumbed Ham
·    Breakfast Cereals
·    Broth
·    Brown Rice Syrup
·    Bulgar
·    Candies
·    Cereals
·    Cheesecakes
·    Chips
·    Chocolate (some types)
·    Communion Wafers
·    Crumble Toppings
·    Crumpets
·    Curry Powder
·    Durham
·    Farina
·    French fries
·    Fried Foods
·    Hot Dogs
·    Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
·    Imitation meat or seafood
·    Instant Coffee
·    Licorice
·    Lipstick (some types)
·    Luncheon Meat
·    Matzo
·    Meat and Fish Pastes
·    Meusli
·    Mustards
·    Pate
·    Processed luncheon meats
·    Seasoned Rice Mixes
·    Salad dressings
·    Sausages
·    Sauces, including soy sauce
·    Scones
·    Seitan
·    Shredded Suet
·    Spelt
·    Sponged Puddings
·    Semolina
·    Seasoned snack foods, such as potato and tortilla chips
·    Self-basting poultry
·    Soups and soup bases
·    Supplements (some types)
·    Toothpaste (some types)
·    Vegetables in sauce
·    White Pepper

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